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The Interface
Toolspace and Drawing Settings
Points, Point Styles, Point Label styles
Description Key Sets
Survey Database, and Importing field book File
the Existing Ground Model
Surface Edits
Data shortcut with surface
Alignment styles, and Label Sets
Profile Styles, and Label Sets
Introduction to the Corridor
Plan and Profile sheets
Corridor Materials
Section Plots, and Group Plot Styles
4 way intersection design with the corridor
Site Grading (Grading features and Groups)
A Mass corridor Model with multiple assemblies and regions
cul de sac
4 way intersection another approach
bus bays
drainage channel
integrated lot grading within the corridor model
A stream design from imported Profiles
Analyzing the stream section in hydraflow

Pirate 3D - 1 year

Presents the user with over 20 hours of applied Civil 3D examples in video format.  Each lesson is also accompanied by written documentation.

The lessons are structured so that the student builds on skills gained in each previous example.  It is suggested that the lessons be followed in the order listed as little pre-configured data is provided. 

The Purpose of the Pirate 3D lesson series, is to allow the user to plunder the power of C3D faster than other training materials available. Use the Pirate 3D lessons to introduce new users to C3D, or to review previous class materials. Watch these lessons and read along; in many cases you will be able to instanlty apply the material in the lesson productively.

Purchase of Pirate 3D includes membership in The Galley, a discussion group established to discuss and improve upon the lesson material. Membership in The Galley to presents unique opportunity to refine the lessons. Additional content will be added throughout the year.

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